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How it works

Individual training

This type of training is suitable for practicing routines, preparing for critical scenarios, mandatory training, remembering non-traditional tasks, etc. It has clear didactics that we have been defining for 5 years.

How it works

Joint training
in a virtual room

This type of training allows you to bring several people together in an equipped training location without having to travel.It is suitable for practicing teamwork in conditions that are difficult to simulate or for meeting with experts or technicians.


Integrated rescue system

Training module with 3 scenarios:
- accident
- active shooter
- infectious disease

The application not only trains the correct procedure, but also evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the paramedic.

Guaranteed by:

Health and safety for healthcare

- Personal protective equipment Covid 19
- Sharp object injury 1
- Sharp object handling
More modules coming soon.

We are responding to the growing mismatch between efficiency and the current way in which health and safety legislation is communicated, which is directly related to the health and financial impact of occupational accidents at work and diseases. The project concerns the extreme exposure of this segment to the pandemic and the intensive health and safety training that this entails.

Guaranteed by:

Training courses tailored to your needs

Other types of training

For your staff:

Training with medical devices

  • Expert immediately at your fingertips
  • Increases the utilization of devices

Consulting procedures

  • Expert immediately at your fingertips
  • Sharing costs
  • Simplify organizations

Mastering rutines & techniques

  • Reduces supervision time
  • Reduces error rate
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases excellence

Database of 3D surgeries

  • Increases excellence
  • Allows better perspectives on surgeries

Training critical scenarios

  • Minimizes potential damage

Obtain compulsory certifications

  • Makes compulsory trainings more effective
  • Simplify administration
  • Simplify organization

VR patient data visualisation

  • Increases excellence
  • Minimize risks

For your patients:

Virtual tour of our labor, delivery & recovery rooms

  • Attracts patients
  • Calms patients
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